or about the funcionalism in Nitra


The architectural project of the villa has been designed by the prominent Slovak architect Oskar Singer. Mr. Singer has significantly contributed to the development of interwar architecture in Nitra, which was the traditional seat of the historic Nitra County ( after 1923 great-county). He was strongly influenced by the work of le Corbusier, whose elements he accented in many of his projects throughout his work. The result of his creative work is a unique Vila K, part of which was originally built on pillars, this is an exceptional technical solution in the conditions of Slovak functionalism. The position of Vila K is confirmed by numerous references in contemporary literature on modern Slovak architecture, as well as its inscription in the Register of Modern Architecture of Slovakia, carried out under the auspices of DOCOMOMO.

The supra-regional significance of Vila K also lies in the fact that its interior was documented by Rudolf Sandalo, the famous photographer of modern architecture, and presented in historical periodics, i.e. in the German magazine Forum in 1938, where the villa was presented as part of a breakthrough article Über das Bauen in der Provinz (Forum, 1938, N. 8, pp. 176-185). One of the goals of the project is to return part of the villa back to the interwar period.


Photos from the Forum magazine

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