Workshop "Decision Making"


On September 9, 2021, in cooperation with Post Bellum SK and City of Nitra an interactive workshop for primary school pupils took place in Vila K. The theme of the workshop was the 80th anniversary of the adoption of the Jewish Code, which restricted and deprived citizens of Jewish origin of fundamental rights and freedoms and made this community second-class citizens. Through participatory activities, pupils in grades 6-8 were able to experience how the Slovak parliament of the time met, or what dilemmas members of the Jewish community had to solve to save their lives during the wartime Slovak state.

In the last part of the workshop, the lecturers had a discussion with the students and the students commented on the experiences from the workshop. We thought about the recent history of Slovakia and connected recent times with the present.

The education of young people is the basis for a similar (il)legal law never to be adopted again. Therefore, we are very happy that in our premises, primary school students can learn a little more about the situation during World War II, which resulted in deportations to concentration camps.